Award-winning Colombian contemporary artist Felipe Chavez will be hosting his latest display ‘The Hollow Man’ at The Lighterman in King’s Cross  from the 3rd of September to the 3rd of December. The display will consist of a range of 17 paintings, Indian ink on paper; it is a showcase of Felipe’s recent artistic exploration of his medium, combined with his instinctive figurative interest in the human form and how gender and identity may, or may not, be connected to the human experience. 

Felipe offers a fresh take on masculinity. He has created a sea of organic, almost anthropomorphic shapes that pay homage to the tangible aspects of the masculine entity. Inspired by knuckles, muscles, hair and other bodily elements, his isolating of man’s physical characteristics on the paper reveals both an interpretation of what Felipe admires in the human body and poses a challenge to our assumptions of what makes a physical man.  

With art exhibitions curated in unique locations, artworks creatively placed in domestic and more informal settings allow the public to act as both a spectator and a guest in the space, appreciating the art in communion with its surroundings. Felipe’s conceptual compositions harmoniously disrupt the Lighterman’s heavy and portentous structure and uses the minimalist, bright space to complement the emptiness of the work’s white background. Stepping away from the prevalent bright-coloured visuals of queer art, his black-and-white collection of works are an artistic interpretation of the queer community which is purer, but just as powerful.

opening Tuesday 3rd of September-Tuesday 3rd of December

3 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4BH

digital catalogue available below. to discuss an artwork, 

please contact